Hi guys welcome to another video in this video we’re going to look at a system call I’ve called the nine number BR system or black red system, and basically, depending on nine numbers at a time, yeah boy, it’s broken up into there’s four different types of nets. You could do in this case, so one is you’re betting, the red low numbers, which is one to 18, but on red, read-only, so 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 18 and the black clay, which is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13. 54. 15.

17 and the same for the high, so red high would be starting at 19 up until 36 on the read-only and black 20 up until 35, so you’re not betting on zero. In this method. Okay, I started it. You an example of this system can be quite effective for any betting. Well, we can risk up to about 90 units. You can go further, but again you know you’re getting up there with the betting, we’re just spending one unit for this example.

So what we’re doing we need to do a few spins we’re actually waiting until one of those four types of bits haven’t come up in ten spins. So as an example, it’s two a few. So we look here, the oldest spend. Well, what hasn’t been spun yet is low black. You see that so, if for another six spins low back does blow black doesn’t come up, then we’re actually betting, that series of nine numbers, so I did come up so we reset the clock.

This is just a bit of a safeguard. I guess why waiting 10 it could take a while to do, but you can do other systems in between that if you’re waiting, so then we find the next oldest, so it would be red low to 4. So it’s been 5 spins before the red low was spun. Let’S see 6 seven, eight nine ten, so it’s been 10 spins without a red low. So then we start betting with the system. That was a Miss.

So we bet up to three times just with one unit before increasing it to two units. That’S a Miss. This is the third spin that was a hit. So on the third spin, you win nine, it’s obviously more I’ll show you the table. That shows you the different amounts you will win. So that was a win.

Then we can now excuse me well now, look back on the table and go okay. What is the oldest of those nine and it looks like the red red high – hasn’t been hit for five spins. If the zero did come up, while you’re betting, you just have to rebate in the system and again we’re betting up to six times and with the system to see if there’s success, so we were bet hitting a wedding one, the red hi that didn’t come up. So I got ta find the next oldest, which is pretty regular, but it’s four spins, not the black low five, six, seven, eight ten, so black low at this time has not been hit in ten spins. So I can get the idea here, we’re very lucky. They’Ve gotten the first spin.

I think there was a site at five thousand and eight. So, as you can see, it is quite a good profit. If you get at the first or second times, that’s 27 units just on one unit pets. So there’s the system there. I just wanted to show you this one as you can, as you can realize, if it doesn’t hit in six you’re down 90 units, but you can decide whether to stop or keep keep going on.

You need to look at your bankroll and decide. Well. Do I keep going, I would recommend to stop after six and just cut your losses, but you might decide on the next set to double that amount.

Better then again, you’re risking double that. Aren’T you one one, ninety so so one eighty! So what you got to work out, whether that’s effective for you, for your risk management of losses.

So, with this system, you’ve got a a 9 in 37 chance of success, which is under 25 %, but, like any rule that there can be a large period where there’s a sleeping or no heat for those section of numbers. But you would think within 6 or so you would get that success because there’s been 10 without that. But again you know every bet, I guess is independent on the others. I recommend you play this. Oh you know actually on a live wheel instead of online.

So thanks for watching and we’ll be back with another video shortly,